Uncategorized July 21, 2021

Market Update July 21, 2021


Some good news if you’re in the market for spending even more of your money, especially nowadays, on your groceries!

While the parking lot in front of our old QFC is still a construction zone, the sluggish transformation from grocery store into a … grocery store … seems to be nearing completion.

If you’ve been wondering when the Metropolitan Market will be opening it’s doors in Gig Harbor, there is a promising sign it will happen in just a few more months! The Met Market is having a job fair at the Best Western Wesley Inn on July 26 and 27. Job openings will be available to anyone looking for a department manager role to checker, and everything in between.

If you know someone who is interested in working at this upper-end grocery store, here is a list of careers that will be available. I wonder if they need any cheese and wine tasters?