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Step 1 - Determine Price Range

The first step is to get a realistic look at your budget. Your income and debt (unless you're an all cash buyer) will directly impact how much house you can afford. Use the link provided to calculate how much house you can afford. Now is the time to see if you can increase your income and pay off any debts.

Calculate how much house you can afford here

Step 4 - Know the Lingo and the Costs

Know the difference between Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified? What about Earnest Money vs Down Payment? What is Escrow? What is Title? All this jargon is crucial as you move through your house hunting journey. Let's go through what these terms mean and what costs are associated with them before you buy.

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Step 2 - Talk to a mortgage broker

Talking to a mortgage broker will be the course of action for most buyers. The complexity of mortgages and each person's financial situation requires the touch of a specialist. There a many types of mortgage products available, in the link below you'll find a cursory glimpse at some of the most common loan products available.

How to Finance your Home

Spiritual Advice

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Step 3 - Build Your Team

It's crucial to find a lender and realtor you personally get along with and more importantly, are competent. Your team will either make or break your real estate dreams. This industry has a low barrier to entry so be scrutinizing! Below is a link to a explain what to look for when interview potential lenders and real estate agents.

How to Choose the Right Team

Payment Processing

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Start your journey with these informative Buyer Guides

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The Perfect Buyer's Packet


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Contents: Questionnaire, House Hunting Checklist and Critical Date Checklist

Guide to Buying a Home


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Downloadable PDF

Contents: Preparing, Viewings, Contracts, Inspections, Closing, Moving and Packing

Lifestyle Planning Guide

Contents: Planning your Lifestyle, Lifestyle Goals, Lifestyle Preferences, Real Estate Preferences, Downsizing, and Moving with ______

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