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Deciding to Sell

No one wakes up in the morning and decides to sell their home willy nilly. There is always a larger reason at play and this only adds to the emotional hardship of selling. I'll provide you with some tips to mentally prepare yourself for the selling of your home.

Marketing your home for sale

In this chapter I will explain the various strategies I will implement on getting your home in front of as many eyeballs as possible. I will explain how I implement: Outdoor Advertising, Internet Advertising, Print Advertising, Premium Marketing, and Industry Marketing, to get your house sold.

Pricing your home

Price is always a top-of-mind issue since everybody wants as much as possible for their home. In this chapter I describe the process and importance of accurately pricing your home in order to get it sold.

Getting your home ready for the market

I'll provide you with my 3 tips on prepping your home ready for the market: Declutter, Clean, and Paint! Additionaly, I'll discuss home repairs, when a pre-inspection is recommended, importance of staging and a super handing checklist for items around the home that need to be addressed.

Choosing the right agent

The choice of real estate agents and services are seemingly endless. We'll go over the importance of hiring a listing specialist to sell your home, perils of discount brokerages, selling your home yourself, and how commissions work.

Working with offers

An offer/contract can be intimidating at first. In this chapter we'll cover some contract basics so we can review Sales Price, Financing, Escrow, Closing, and Closing Costs. I'll also discuss the art of negotiation and how to deal with multiple offer situations.

Handling showings

Having potential buyers coming and going at odd items of the day is quite a hassle. Here I'll go over my top tips on showing your house as well as having showings with renters (if applicable).

Closing on the sale

In this chapter we'll go over the steps that will take place once you accept an offer. The biggest hurdle is always the buyer inspection process so I'll go over what we can expect from the other-side of the table. Lastly I'll review what items to bring to the day of closing.